How to Choose the Right Drain Cleaning Company in Dublin

Does your home or business have sluggish, slow-moving or clogged drains? From food scraps and grease to wastewater, everything that travels through your drains impacts the efficiency of your plumbing system. Regular drain cleaning lets you avoid taking time out of your busy schedule to deal with costly repairs. Not every plumber, however, has the skills and experience it takes to perform the task properly. The following qualifications help ensure the drain cleaning company you choose delivers positive results.

Fully Insured and Accredited

Checking credentials is the first order of business when searching for a trustworthy drain cleaning company. Safeguard your budget by choosing a fully insured company. A plumbing business that doesn’t comply with local regulations puts your finances at risk if something goes wrong. Ask for proof of the plumber’s qualifications as well. Certification proves the plumber has undergone specialised training to meet the primary requirements for providing drain cleaning services.

Expertise and Experience

Passing an exam for a plumbing certification is all well and good, but nothing compares to hands-on training. There’s also more to plumbing than simply following rules and codes. Proper drain cleaning requires equal parts knowledge and experience. The last thing you want is a team of workers cleaning a drain on their own for the first time! Before scheduling service, verify the company’s staff includes master plumbers with decades of practice under their tool belts.

Free Inspections and Price Quotes

Be wary of any drain services company that schedules services without first assessing your specific needs with an inspection of your plumbing system. Charging customers for inspections is another red flag. A quality plumbing company will provide a preliminary assessment of the drainage system in your home or business for free. Price quotes should also be complimentary. After all, why should anyone charge you a fee simply for telling you how much the job will likely cost?

Offers 24/7 Emergency Service

Whether from a burst pipe or a clogged drain backing up and causing a flood, drain cleaning emergencies can’t wait for next-day service. Look for a company that provides emergency services whenever you need urgent help with your drainage system. Fast response times matter as well. Which would you prefer? A company that keeps you waiting or one you can trust will arrive at your door in 1-2 hours? The ability to respond quickly also indicates the company has a dependable team of professionals on staff, ready to get to work.

Provides Plumbing Maintenance Services

The best time to establish a working relationship with a drain cleaning company is before you need them. Find a company that offers maintenance services that allow you to avoid emergencies altogether. When you consider the costs of repairs and replacements, getting your drains inspected and cleaned on a regular basis saves you money in the long run. You’ll also gain peace of mind. It’s a relief to know your plumbing will work well whenever you need it.

Employs Advanced Technologies

Expertise in the latest plumbing technologies is a principal quality to look for in drain cleaning services. Here are three advanced tools that quality companies use to save time, lower costs, and extend the life of drainage systems.

1. CCTV Cameras. Ensure the company uses state-of-the-art cameras to inspect your drains. A CCTV drain survey gives workers a close-up view of the inside of your drains. From signs of animal intrusion or tree root infiltration to leaks, blockages and corrosion, in-line cameras allow plumbing experts to identify problems without taking fixtures apart.

2. High-Pressure Water Jets. To get a clear view from the CCTV cameras, a reputable company will also use high-pressure water jets to remove particles stuck to the drain’s interior walls. In contrast to cable augers that only cut out a narrow passageway, water propelled under pressure washes away virtually all debris.

3. In-Line Repairs. Patching or re-lining techniques allow competent plumbers to fix faulty drains without dismantling critical components. Whether using silicate resin to coat damaged pipes with fibre glass or inserting an impermeable lining to reinforce it, these advanced techniques safeguard your budget against costly replacements.

Time-Tested Results

There’s one more question to ask when searching for top-notch drain cleaning services: “How long have you been open for business?” As you can imagine, building a successful plumbing company requires a substantial investment of time and money. It also takes an immense amount of dedication. Look for a drain cleaning company that has stood the test of time.

With more than 30 years of experience helping our clients resolve drainage problems, Irish Drains is a company you can count on to exceed your expectations. We’re proud to provide the drain cleaning services our customers need to enjoy the full benefits of a proper drainage system. If you own a residential or commercial property in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow or Louth, trust the team at Irish Drains to meet your drain cleaning maintenance, repair and replacement needs.

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